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Playing with some Aikatsu-themed teas (idol activi-teas?) over at Adagio. This show is an endless stream of characters, and yes I’ll be tackling as many as possible. Enjoy these two goofballs for starters!

This weekend’s fandom sampler is SuperNatural by Jessica T

This set includes:

  • Dean
  • Sam
  • Castiel
  • Kevin
  • Lucifer
  • Impala


I got my Sailor Venus tea tin in the mail!!!

I’m so happy to see it and hold it in person, omg… and the tea smells fantastic. I made some for my parents and myself and we all were super happy with it!! aaaaaaa it just feels so good to see a tangible result of your work; it makes me want to get more teas finished fast! (working on several right now I promise)

Check out Sailor Venus on Adagio!


Tea collection

So my phone won’t let me submit to adagio’s contest, so I’ll just share with my lovely followers! I’m building my dream tiny house, so a lot of my belongings are packed for the move. What’s not packed is must have’s, and not very well organized. :) The bookcase in my kitchen has all my “use all the time” essentials. My tea thermoset and kettle are housed together. My “tea shelf” is separated into fandom tea and non fandom tea, with tea samples and my label maker in the basket. I spread out my tea tins so you could see them all, but they all fit pretty nicely on the shelf along with my homemade sugar cubes. The shape and color changes as the whim strikes me! My tea cupboard is a horrid mess, even though it gets deep cleaned and reorganized about every six weeks. The blueprints for my tea cupboard in my tiny house have shallow shelves in the back of the cupboard to house all my sweeteners and tea things, leaving the “floor” of the cupboard free to line up my brewers! There’s also plans for a wall in the kitchen to be floor to ceiling shelves about five inches deep to hold all my tea jars and tins! But for the moment, I’m making do with the chaos! :D

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A drawer in the kitchen holds a selection of teas from adagioteas and from the local store while the pantry cupboard holds all my sampler sets (and a few refills). The sampler tins are great for carrying with me to enjoy at work! I put my favorite blends into mason jars for easy access.

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This made me finally straighten up my counter space! A lot of my fandom blends had previously been living in an Adagio box on the shelf where they are now neatly lined up. Posting here because adagioteas' submission box does not like me trying to upload more than one photo.


Tins, bagged and loose. The round tins were all originally Irish Breakfast tins. Only the teas that I know I will always replace get a tin because that’s ~50 cups/tin before a new one is empty and I can’t just dump anything into one whenever I want. (I am too cheap to just buy them off the site.) The custom blend labels are just the right height to fit between the bottom edge and the metal band, so I cut them off the empty bag and tape them on. The wire thing is a plate holder whose roundness is an inconvenience for storing square things, but is forgivable because it actually fits under the cabinets, unlike its companion.


Bagged teas, plus Adagio samples and holiday teas. Also, the all-important kettle and a water filter. It really does taste better with filtered water! Plus you are eliminating most if not all of those kettle scales.

The wire shelving was originally meant to go on the kitchen counter, did not fit in my old kitchen, and got hung on the wall (as it was designed to be) in the craft room to hold yarn. In my current flat, by the time I was ready to hang it up I had realized this job/town are not for me and couldn’t be bothered, but isn’t this counter lovely and open and in need of organization?


Opposite these sits the microwave-less microwave cabinet. Top shelf: back row is Sherlock blends, front row is other fandom blends. Beneath are pu-erh and honeybush samplers, plus the kitchen scale I use for measuring when blending (and for yarn!) To the right is non-fandom Adagio.

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My stash is actually pretty slim right now (I usually have about twice as much loose leaf) but here’s my tea corner! 

I keep my tea in a little storage unit I got from IKEA. Top drawer is loose tea. There’s usually more tins from David’s Tea in there (Sorry Adagio! I love you but please come to Canada!) I try to keep my caffeine free teas together, but that doesn’t always happen…

Second drawer is misc. bagged teas and empty tins and tea stuff. It’s a bit of a mess haha  You can also see my stash of empty fandom blend bags in the corner there. 

I won’t lie, my tea cabinet is a bit out of control at the moment. It’s sorted by type (or in most cases, fandom), with sections for hardware.

This is my girlfriend and I’s tea collection that is sitting in my room as I type. We have three different drawers for tea, depending on the type of tea we’re in the mood for, while the top hosts our water heater, Teavana rock sugar, various tea utensils,  and framed picture of Franky from One Piece.

Top Row: 

A majority of the teas in this drawer are from Lupicia and Teavana; a mix of blends and Indian teas like Assam’s and Tarajan, as well as first, second, and third flush Darjeelings  fill pretty much the entire space. Where most of my tea is stored….but used the least. (You’ll find out down below!)

Middle Row:

ようこそ!Strictly green teas. Matcha, bancha, sencha、etc. Personally, my favorite is the Strawberry & Vanilla Green Tea. All from Lupicia.

Bottom Row:

Our FAVORITE and most frequented of the three. Houses our Adagio Fandom Blends (Harry Potter, LOTR, Hobbit, and Doctor Who) as well as artificial or alternative sweeteners like honey or stevia for guests that come along and want a cuppa.

(Adagio Note: Some pictures seem to have been lost during the process, but we think we found them all!)