This weekend’s fandom sampler is Fire Emblem: Awakening by Taryn Knight

This set includes:

  • Chrom
  • Lucina
  • Henry
  • Gaius
  • Olivia
  • Robin


    soooooo… I designed some adagio teas for you ~♥

I Made You Tea, John!green rooibos key west, watermelon cooler, pina colada ♥

Redbeardrooibos vanilla chai, almond, orange

Favorite Bookpu erh spice, toasted mate, rooibos lemon cloud ♥

Mindpalace: irish breakfast, yerba mate, berry blast

Honeybeeswhite peony, honeybush, green rooibos bonita ♥

The Tutorearl grey bravo, dewy cherry, vanilla

Hideous Jumperspu erh dante, cream, sour apple

Game Nightgreen chai, honeybush orange, almond oolong

Summer Vacationwhite tropics, grapefruit, pomegranate green

Bed Timedecaf ceylon, honeybush vanilla, chamomile

   I hope you like them! ~♥



Tea: Polyjuice Potion Fandom Blend on Adagio part of the Magic Potions fandom set

Cost: $4 for a sample tin or $8 for 3 oz

Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, rooibos tea, cardamom, dried coconut, lemon grass, cloves, orange peels, cocoa nibs, natural coconut flavor,…

This weekend’s fandom sampler is Steven Universe by Kirsten Sjursen-Lien

This set includes:

  • Steven Universe
  • Pearl
  • Connie
  • Rose Quartz
  • Lion
  • Opal

This weekend’s fandom sampler is Adventure Time by Lisa & Kat Miller 

This set includes:

  • Cool Bachelor
  • Human
  • Magic Dog
  • Sweet Science
  • Vampire Queen
  • Hot Head


Bought a bunch of Harry Potter fandom tea blends. I’m so impressed by these tins. I really regret nothing! #adagio #adagioteas ☕️

Special thanks goes to Alpha of the Week, Meg, for introducing the cast and crew of MTV’s Teen Wolf to her Tea Wolf signature blends.

To celebrate, we are offering her entire set for 20% off this week.

This weekend’s fandom sampler is Achievement Hunter by Lucy Zephyr

This set includes:

  • Michael
  • Gavin
  • Ryan
  • Jack
  • Caleb
  • Lindsay

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Playing with some Aikatsu-themed teas (idol activi-teas?) over at Adagio. This show is an endless stream of characters, and yes I’ll be tackling as many as possible. Enjoy these two goofballs for starters!